Bucket list guest blog: get inspired by The Urban Safari!

Hey guys! Welcome to the very first guest blog on my website! Isn’t it exciting?!

I started this ‘Banging Bucket Lists’ category on my blog a few days ago now by posting this article: Bucket list: motivation to start ticking things off!, and it’s basically going to be lots of amazing articles to inspire you to tick off the things on your bucket list, to inspire you to add more amazing things to it or to let you know which things people already ticked off and what the experience was like. Of course I’m going to be sharing my bucket list with all of you, but I’m also going to be sharing some amazing bucket lists and ‘tick-off’ experiences of other people.

So today, the first guest blogger to be sharing with us her bucket list and things she’s already done is……….. -give me some drums babes- …… THE URBAN SAFARI! Or Inge, that’s her real name haha. 🙂 She’s got her own blog, which you can find here: http://theurbansafari.nl Her website looks amazing, she writes about art, books, recipes and travel so definitely go check out her blog and let her know I send you! It’s mostly for my fellow Dutchies though, because her blog is in Dutch. Also, she is just a wonderfull person and she takes great pictures. If you want to see those go check out her instagram page. Enough of me talking though, let The Urban Safari do the talking now Kyra! Here she goes!



Inge’s banging bucket list!

Like the majority of all people on the internet, I have a bucket list! My list consists of things I’ve never seen or done before. There’s a lot of different festivals, museums, cities and countries ready to be marked off before I’m too old to complete them. Normally, I’m a writer on my own blog ‘The Urban Safari’, but this time, Kyra asked me to write an item on her blog about my bucket list instead! I hope you guys enjoy!


Like I mentioned, there’s a lot of festivals on my bucket list! I’m a complete nerd when it comes to all different genres of music and therefore, I adore to visit as many festivals as possible. Festivals that’re high on my bucket list are; Glastonbury, Rock Am Ring, Tomorrowland and Pukkelpop. There aren’t a lot of Dutch festivals on my list. That’s because, I’ve been to all of the big ones in the past already, since I live in the Netherlands! Not only am I a sucker for Dutch festivals, but I’ve been to quite a few foreign events as well. One of the more memorable festivals was the amazing Sziget Festival in Hungary. The trip to Sziget was an experience in itself, as I went there by train with my friends. The isle where Sziget is held is called ‘The Isle of Freedom’ by the locals. That name does the place justice, because while the festival is in full swing, you feel so free to be who you truly want to be! You also meet a lot of extraordinary personalities in and around the festival terrain. In that week, I’ve seen a lot of cool bands, practised yoga and explored all the different aspects of meditation. Something I’d never done before! Looking back, Sziget was one of the most epic experiences ever!

Holiday on my own

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to go on holiday on my own. I just finished high school, and I was about to start going to University. I really thought being on my own in a foreign country would teach me how to take care of myself. I booked a train ticket to Paris and got myself a room in a hostel. While travelling, I was afraid I’d feel alone and miserable. But in fact, the opposite was the case! In that week I enjoyed my time alone so much! I had the chance to explore Paris at my pace, and while doing this, I discovered my unconditional love for art. For the first time, I didn’t have to walk through all museums at the pace of my parents’. I actually enjoyed everything much more by stopping at any given time I wanted. This made me really appreciate everything much more and left me feeling invigorated. You’ll be surprised how much you learn about yourself and how to react in foreign situations in just one week.

Inge bucketlist.jpg

European capital cities

This is my life goal number one before signing off: visiting all European capital cities. I’ve visited the majority of these capitals, but I’m still missing out on a few. Cities I can mark off my list are; Nicosia (= capital of Cyprus), Athens, Lisbon, Berlin, Brussels, Prague and London. In the future I’d really like to visit Copenhagen, Dublin and Moscow. My absolute favourite city would be Berlin. There’s so much to do in the capital of Germany when you love art and history. During the day, you can visit a million museums, while at night, you’re being treated to the incredible nightlife in underground clubs the city has to offer. You can’t compare life to any other culture when in Berlin, especially when you’re used to the, in comparison, boring night life of the Netherlands. When doing city trips, I like to discover the so-called local favourites. This means you’re not only visiting all the popular tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but giving local pubs, restaurants or art galleries a chance as well. Discovering a city this way makes you feel much more in touch with the culture of another country. You’ll be surprised how many hidden gems you discover when you research more than just the city guide you can buy from any tourist office. Doing it this way, I found a restaurant in the suburbs of Paris by just asking around. I had the most delicious quiche of my life. Those are the memories that stay with you forever.

Holiday outside of Europe

You can’t call yourself a world traveller if you stay and go on holiday within one continent. In other words, you need to travel beyond the European borders to be the real deal. My first intercontinental holiday was in Morocco. This whole travel was such a learning experience for me, as I travelled to the extraordinary Casablanca and Rabat. I learned a lot about the Moroccan culture while visiting. The trip inspired me a lot to discover more places outside of Europe in the future. One place I’d really like to go one time is Colombia, after a fellow student told me she’s from there. She told me how beautiful her home country is and how different her culture is from ours. Like any other travel fanatic in the world, I’d love to visit the whole planet some time. Even without having a real place to call home. Unfortunately, a lifestyle like this is not yet in reach for me.


Surprise trips

In my day-to-day life I’m a well-organized woman. I don’t like to plan everything to the second, but I like to know what’s on the agenda every day. A surprise trip seems like the perfect way to get me out of my comfort zone and break the deadlock of my planned life. Normally, I always look into some details when going on holiday. I like to figure out what museum I want to visit and what the best restaurants are before I step foot in a plane. The idea is just fascinating me that I have to figure everything out at the go and visit places I’d normally don’t think of visiting.


I hope I can check off a lot of my bucket list in the upcoming years and discover a lot more of the world than I have now. I hope I inspired you guys to step out of your comfort zone and edit your bucket list to be a bit more ‘challenging’ as well, or to start with checking off things of your bucket list!

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– I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list –






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