Bucket list: where I want to travel & what I already ticked off !

My bucket list, wow, it’s actually longer than I thought haha. It’s always just been inside my head, I never really put in on paper. This is my first time doing that and its eye-opening. Let me start off by saying I really really really want to travel the entire world. Starting off by visiting each continent. And of course there’s certain countries I’d like to go first.

Today I’ll show you basically my entire travel bucket list: where I want to go and why, but I’ll also tell you more about what I already did and what that experience was like.

If you like reading about other people’s bucket lists, you’ll definitely like this guest blog. Also, if you’d like to write a guest blog for my website about your travel bucket list, please send me a message! alovingladytravels@gmail.com

Alright guys, here we go, my travel bucket list!

Travel the world

  1. Asia
  2. North America
  3. South America
  4. Europe
  5. Africa
  6. Australia
  7. Antartica

These are, obviously, all of the continents on planet earth. I’d like to visit all of them, but preferably in this order 🙂 Now of course, since I live in Europe, I’ve seen quite a bit of it already. I’ve been to Malta, Greece and Barcelona just this year. I’ve also been to Paris a few times, other places in Spain, Italy a couple times including Venice and a day trip to Rome, I’ve seen lots of Germany, London once, Prague as well and Amsterdam of course. I also went to Gran Canaria when I was four years old but that doesn’t count haha. There are still so many gorgeous places left to discover!

I’ve been lucky enough to also have been to Asia already, which was amazing! I’ve been to Malaysia and Japan. Way more to go of course haha, but the next stop might just be America instead 😉

A pretty building in Meleka
A pretty building in Meleka, Malaysia

There are certain countries that I’d like to go to first, or that I think I would like better than others. That of course has to do with personal preferences: I personally like warm countries better than the cold ones and I also prefer countries with a completely different culture than what I’m used to. When a country is cheap that’s a plus too! This is my bucket list when it comes to countries and what I want to do there!

  • Japan –> Rent a kimono, eat real Japanese sushi & noodles, see the cherry blossoms. I really want to go to Japan because of the fact that their culture is so different from what I’m used to. And it’s supposed to be a beautiful country. And they invented Pokémon. And I want to check out all of the strange food they have in the shops.
  • Bali –> Go on the famous swing, meet expats living there, have a bathtub filled with flower pettals, have an enormous fruit platter for breakfast.                                             I really want to go to Bali to experience the awesome island life that everyone keeps raving about and also because it’s a warm, cheap place.
  • Maldives –> Rent one of those super expensive cabins on the water, go snorkling.
    The reasons I want to go here are basically the same as for Bali, just I don’t think this place is really that cheap.
  • USA –> See the Statue of Liberty, visit New York, Florida, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Hawaii, The Everglades, Disney Florida, order the biggest pizza size just to see how rediculously big it really is, go to Walmart and Target. I really want to go to the USA just to see if it’s really what I expect of it. To see if it’s really that glamorous in some places and if it’s really that extreme. Like go big or go home. It’s the place where everything is possible right? And where everything is awesome? I also want to know if people are as ignorant as they seem to be – I’m sorry if you’re from the USA and reading this, I know you guys are not all the same -. Moreover, I can’t wait to go groceryshopping in the USA because I’m super curious to all of the food they are selling there and I’m also very curious about their portions. The gorgeous nature and pretty cities of course also cought my eye.
  • Australia –> See kangaroos, crocodiles, Sydney, Opera House, throw a boomerang.
    Isn’t the Australian accent super funny? I might try and teach myself how to speak with an Australian accent too. The wildlife and nature though are probably the most important reasons I really want to visit Australia. And the warmth 🙂
  • Canada –> Niagara waterfalls in summer, Northern Lights, experience how high the snow really piles up during winter, see wild reindeer, visit national parks.
    Are people in Canada really as nice as they seem to be? I want to find out! I also really want to explore the gorgeous nature in Canada and try pancakes with maple syrup.
  • Thailand –> Eat all kinds of weird streetfood, let them drive me around in those funny bicycle taxis, meet backpackers from all over the world, explore the jungle.
    Thailand is like, THE place to be for backpackers right. So many solo travelers go here because obviously it’s cheap and warm and has lots of interesting culture. I’d like to experience that too 🙂
  • Africa –> Go on safari to see the big 5, experience what poverty is really like and try to help those poor people I meet.                                                                                             I mean, who doesn’t have this on their bucket list right?
  • Egypt –> See the pyramids, ride a camel through the desert, wear their traditional clothing, go to the red sea.
    Apart from going on the safari, this is also one that everyone has got on their bucket list I think. I’d love to see them. They are so interesting. Can’t believe they were built so many years ago! I don’t want to spend too much time here though, as I’m scared it’s not safe.

Now as I said before, I’d like to travel the entire world. Obviously I cannot put all of the countries of the world on my bucket list. That way the bucket list would kind of lose it’s purpose. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see all of the other places though! To be honest, places in the middle east are probably the places I would visit last just because I feel they are not safe.

Streets of the Shinjuku area Tokyo

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I’ve also started ticking off my bucket list items! I actually went to Japan! You guys know this already of course. I just told you. But I’m still super excited about it haha! Anyways, I did all of the things that were on my bucket list for Japan, except for the cherry blossoms. We didn’t go during that season. Japan was just such an amazing experience. Not at all as extreme in culture as I thought it was going to be! But still very different! We had an amazing time and the country is very interesting and pretty. I love the contrast between the normal, modern working life and the traditioal places with temples and nature. If you want to know more about my experience with Japan you should check out this article for example: Travel diary: 3 days in Shinjuku, Tokio

I just realized, it’s quite sad that this is my travel bucket list, and it’s so long but I’ve only done basically one thing that’s on it. I should definitely try harder to accomplish and see more! I really want to! I should read my own blogpost that motivates you to start ticking off your bucket list items a bit more haha.

Have you manages to tick off some of the items on your bucket list yet? Let me know what the experience was like! 🙂

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I love traveling the world, one country and one city at a time. I've already seen a lot and I am so lucky to have, but I've also got more planned! I'm sharing all of my adventures with you of course! xox

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