Is Japan really that expensive? No.

While booking our trip to Japan and the whole journey there I wondered: is Japan really going to be as expensive as we think it is? Find out the answer in this blogpost!

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3 days in Shinjuku, Tokyo: Hachiko, cat cafรฉ & Pokรฉmon

Click here if you want to read my travel diary of traveling to Japan, the first two days! Three days in Shinjuku, that’s all my sister and I had in this pretty place. We definitely made the most of it though! We planned out everything we wanted to do and see before we left so […]

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What to do when you only have 3 nights in Shinjuku, Tokyo

At the time of writing this blogpost my sister and I are still in Tokyo. We spent the past three nights in a really nice airbnb place in the Shinjuku area of this enormous city and are now spending our time somewhere else so that we can see as much of it as possible during […]

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