Bucket list: where I want to travel & what I already ticked off !

My bucket list, wow, it’s actually longer than I thought haha. It’s always just been inside my head, I never really put in on paper.

Today I’ll show you basically my entire travel bucket list: where I want to go and why, but I’ll also tell you more about what I already did and what that experience was like.

Have you manages to tick off some of the items on your bucket list yet? Let me know what the experience was like! 🙂

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3 days in Barcelona: tapas, beach bums and lovely architecture

About a week and a half after I got back from my holiday to Kos, Greece, I was lucky enough to be flying out to Barcelona for a couple of days. I spent three days here and had a wonderful time just enjoying the amazing food and pretty architecture. I’ll tell you exactly what I did and where to eat, so keep on reading of you’re going to Barcelona soon!

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Japan day 1 and 2: We’re off to Tokyo!

Here we go, we’re on the plane to Japan. We’ve got a very long flight to go but we know it’ll definitely be worth it. We’re totally looking forward to seeing a new country, a new culture. The journey together actually started yesterday, when my sister came over to sleep at my place so that […]

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Malta day 2 and 3: old city of Valletta & Saint George’s bay

Day 2 My first full day in Malta! – If you want to know what I did on the first day here, check out this blogpost Travel diary: Malta day 1 – I’ve got all day to myself today so after breakfast I walked around the hotel for a bit to take pictures and then […]

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A weekend in Paris

I have been to Paris a couple of times now, four I think. The first time I ever went there was with my boyfriend at the time and the last time I went there was also with my boyfriend at the time. What a coincidence! – Just to be clear, they are different people haha- […]

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5 great restaurants in Amsterdam

This past Friday, the 18th of May, I went to Amsterdam with two friends of mine. I also visited the city a couple of weeks earlier for a whole weekend. During my time in the city I’ve been to a couple of really nice, hip restaurants and I really wanted to share them with you! […]

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