Food tour through Osaka, Japan

This is most of the food we ate while me and my sister were in Osaka. Obviously we went to dotonbori, which is the famous streetfood street. Spoiler alert: yes, we tried the okonomeyaki!

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Food tour through Taito, (Asakusa) Tokyo

We ate so much while we were in Japan. I didn’t even stick to my diet. Which is terrible, I know, but you’re only in Japan once right? At least that will probably be the case for me, so I felt like I wanted to explore and experience every single bit of the country and […]

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Food tour through Shinjuku, Tokyo

As mentioned in my blogpost called ‘how to make the most of three nights in Shinjuku’, most of the time we didn’t spend on exploring or activities, we spent on eating. It’s an important part of traveling, exploring the local cuisine. Am I right? It’s also just a great excuse to eat whatever you want, […]

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